Our close collaboration with Siemens

Siemens as the world leader in the automation technology is forced to their products up-to-date. This is the reason why the renovation of existing products gets quicker and quicker. The manufacturer needs to sell and establish new products in the market to replace the obsolete products. Very often that is not possible because of prices or to technical reasons. SINTRONICS is your partner who either repairs your used components or who replaces the obsolete products from their own stock.

Do you need any repair, replacement or spare parts?


About us...

The company consists of technicians and engineers who are further educated continuously. First-class contacts to the main manufacturers, highest quality, effective tests, outstanding experience and quick services are the foundation of our professional work. Riskless through non-committal but detailed quotes and cost estimates free of charge. Incoming modules are cleaned professionally in general, so that faults, resulting from impurity, can be eliminated directly. For customers, who need a functioning module immediately, but don’t want to pay the prices for a new part from the manufacturer, we offer several solutions. On one hand we offer the repair in our facility or at your site. On the other hand we can send an overhauled or new module, you exchange it in your machine and then you send back the defective module. It’s your decision…


You, our customer, is in the focus of our interest and our activities. Your plant availability has to be secured. A non-functioning module, a defective component or even a complete control should not lead to the full stop of the production. SINTRONICS escorts you and your company during the whole life-cycle of your plant or machine. SINTRONICS utilises an integrated management-system which guides us with developing and promoting customer- and quality-oriented work and behaviour. In the same process we identified environment- and safety-relevant points. Those were included into the continuous-improvement-process immediately. All this gives you, as our partner and customer, planning dependability and endorsement in critical situations. An expensive modification of your plant or machine with high invest can be avoided thanks to SINTRONICS.

Our performance – your advantage …

  • Repairs for current and obsolete Controls and Modules
  • Selling of Spare parts, even when obsolete
  • Selling new parts, often cheaper than from the manufacturer
  • 100% Load- and Long-time tests
  • 24 months warranty
  • Cost estimates free of charge
  • Cleaning and testing of your products on stock
  • Pick-Up- and Drop-Down-Service (not yet available everywhere)
  • Good discounts, good cost/performance ratio
  • On-site repair- and consulting-service
  • Service-Contract (on request)
  • Technical support via telephone free of charge
  • Weekend- and Holiday-Emergency service (on request)
  • Quick, flexible and professional order handling
  • Direct contact person
  • Buying / Intermediation of your stock and residual material


Address for delivery and invoice

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Business hours

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Our Headquarter and central warehouse

Only 20 km away from the metropolis Frankfurt/Main, centred in Germany and Europe, with first-class connections via air, train and autobahn